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INRIA Grenoble organizes the fourth winter school on Hot Topics in Distributed Computing. This winter school will take place in La Plagne, a French ski resort, from March 20th to March 25th 2011.

This winter school will feature a series of talks by renowned researchers in hot topics in distributed computing, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. Topics covered by the school typically include databases, multi-core computing, computer architecture, cryptography, social networks, software transactional memory, and replication-based fault-tolerance.

PhD students will have the opportunity to get feedback on their work and the school will dedicate two time slots for that. PhD students interested in presenting their work should submit a 1-page abstract motivating the main research challenge they are addressing and stating the approach being taken. A selection of proposals will be chosen for presentation. To submit an abstract, please send an email to Vivien Quéma.

The three editions of the school were fully booked (HTDC’2008, HTDC’2009, and HTDC’2010) and we recommend early registrations.